The Strategic Trader
Detailed Strategy Evaluation

Finding an edge

If you want to be a successful trader, you need an edge… but how do we find one?  If your like most traders you start out by adding every indicator you can find to your chart. Before long your chart is nothing more than a squiggly mess, yet your still losing money. Next you jump on the “price action” bandwagon. Quickly you discover no two people can agree on what constitutes support and resistance.  A monkey can draw a line across a chart and show an example of where price “reacts” to this line. After a while, if your still around, you may eventually dabble with the mysterious art known as artificial intelligence. After creating hundreds of neural networks attempting to “predict” market direction you finally give up. Like so many others, your search ends in frustration and utter defeat. Feeling defeated the trader simply declares the market random.

I have personally gone through all of these stages. However, I do not believe the market is random. Instead, I believe its “mostly” random, with fleeting moments of clarity. Our goal is to take a long hard look at everything we “think” we know about the market. Thoroughly test  every indicator and method we can get our hands on to determine what really works.  All results will be posted for the public to see and provide feedback. Using this research, we can determine which methods provide an edge and which are simply a waste of time.


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